2016 Facility Tours*

Two sets of guided facility tours give attendees the chance to get up close and personal with membrane equipment and processes. Each tour has its own bus and unique facility stops.


Stop 1 - GE Water & Process Technologies

ge_facility_smallGE Water & Process Technologies’ Minnetonka facility is a state-of-the-art GE Center of Excellence (CoE), which brings together the company’s most advanced capabilities and expertise to focus on a key technology sector. This CoE integrates technology development, manufacturing capacity and quality control for membrane production, all under one roof.

The Minnetonka facility manufactures a broad portfolio of water, wastewater, and fluid purification products, including membrane elements, pleated and depth filters, pumps, industrial and sanitary housings, and complete systems. The tour will cover detailed viewing and discussion of membrane casting, membrane rolling, and systems manufacturing, including views of our multi-million dollar membrane expansion.

Stop 2 - Davisco Foods International, Inc
davisco-lesueurThree generations of confident, risk-taking expansion have made Davisco Foods International, Inc. a leader in the dairy industry. The company is committed to technical advancement, customer service, and superior quality. Consistent, energetic leadership combined with the work ethic of accomplished employee teams and state-of-the-art facilities have led Davisco to unsurpassed technical achievements in food science.


Stop 1 - Ecolab Schuman Research & Development Center
The tour will include innovative membrane technology research and development and technical support capabilities.ecolab

Stop 2 - GEA Process Engineering Inc.

gea1Our membrane filtration pilot plant facilities… enabling us to establish the feasibility of applying our technologies, determine optimum process conditions, and provide product samples for market analysis. We currently have 15 different membrane filtration pilot plants in our Hudson facility. The range of sizes available enables the handling of a few liters up to hundreds of liters of product per test.

Custom Fabrication Services – 55,000 square foot workshop

Our design, engineering, process integration and automation capabilities

Stop 3 - TetraPak - Filtration Engineering

tetrapakDemonstration of design and pre-project capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities

  • UF Membrane Unit-functional and application description
  • RO Polisher- functional and application description
  • Milk UF Membrane Unit- functional and application description, difference in design between a Europe plant vs. US
  • Panel Building-how the panel are being manufactured, functional and application demonstration
*Tour space is limited and additional fees apply. You must be a paid registrant to attend facility tours. No cross stops are allowed. If you are a direct competitor with one of the three companies on a particular tour, please do not sign up for that tour as each facility will have the opportunity to view the tour attendee list in advance and you may be asked to not attend.