Gerold Luss
Independent Consultant
Luss Consulting

Gerold Luss received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of Minnesota in 1972. From 1979 - 1993 he worked for HB Fuller Company. Gerold's duties involved formulation of membrane cleaning chemicals, development of cleaning programs for membrane units, coordinating all membrane activities with regard to membrane processes, membrane cleaning etc.

In 1993 he helped found CFR [Complete Filtration Resources] a company which builds membrane systems (primarily for food and process applications), design membrane processes, design membrane systems, coordinate all technical activities of the company. He worked at CFR through 2009 and helped the company grow from 2 employees to one of the larger builders of process membrane systems in the United States.

Update on New Membranes, Emerging Membrane Technologies and Approaches to Membrane Construction

New directions and trends in membrane research will be discussed. Advances in the modification of existing membrane surfaces, the incorporation of new materials in existing membranes, and the possibilities that totally new membrane materials offer for membranes will be discussed. Most of the material in this presentation comes from new material that has come to the forefront in the past 10 years.

Fundamentals of Membrane Cleaning and Fouling

Membranes are chemical surfaces which interact with all materials with which they contact. Some of these interactions depend on the membrane, the construction and properties of the membrane surface and how this allows material in the feed stream the to attach to the membrane surface. Once material has attached to the membrane surface there are a host of other chemical and physical processes which can take place (subsequent fouling events) and some of these are discussed in further detail. Fouling events are also related to membrane stream composition and the pretreatment (modification/stabilization) of the feed stream to lessen fouling.