Ola Wesstrom
Sr. Industry Manager, Food & Beverage
Endress+Hauser USA

Ola Wesstrom is since 2001 the Sr Industry mgr. for Food & Beverage at Endress+Hauser USA. His goals are to continually find ways to help food & Beverage industry to develop new ways to improve quality, food safety and implementing resource conservation initiatives through best practice and innovative application of instrumentation and control. Prior to the current position, Ola held various product management positions for level, pressure and flow at Endress+Hauser USA and Singapore. Prior joining Endress+Hauser, Ola worked at BASI Instruments in Sweden/Singapore as application and manufacturing engineer.

Ola Wesstrom has an education in Instrumentation and Automation form National pulp and Paper College in Sweden.  Click here to view LinkedIn profile.

Best Practice Measurements and Control Points to Ensure Maximum Efficiency of Membrane Systems

Efficiency and operational life of a membrane system relies on the right selection, sizing, installation and configuration of critical measurement points such as pressure, mass or volume flow, density and/or concentration measurements.

The presentation will help you understand:

  • Typical measurement points for control and monitoring.
  • Understanding the measurement principles function, capabilities and limitations
  • Selecting the right instrument

The presentation will mainly focus on:

  • Coriolis Massflow/density
  • Magnetic Flow
  • Optical Density and refractometers
  • Pressure