Reinoud Noordman
Manager Innovation & Technology
Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions

Dr. Reinoud Noordman is Manager Innovation and Technology at Pentair. He is responsible for the implementation of the R&D portfolio, focused on new product and concept development within the Hygienic Process Solutions (HPS) platform. Reinoud is also responsible for growing the membrane filtration business within HPS and developing additional food & beverage related markets, including dairy.

Before Pentair, Reinoud had worked at Heineken supply Chain as Lead Scientist on brewing process development. In this role he has managed R&D teams for the development and implementation of innovative brewing process solutions. As cluster leader he has been responsible for strategy, budget and deliverables of Heineken’s downstream processing research cluster. On behalf of Heineken, he has led the successful Pentair-Heineken co-development of Beer Membrane Filter (BMF) technology for bright beer production, which has now become the state of the art beer filtration technology in the brewing industry.

Reinoud holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Groningen and an MBA degree from TiasNimbas Business School.

Introduction of Polymer Hollow Fiber Membranes for Optimized Casein / Whey Protein Fractionation

There is growing consumer demand for enhanced dairy products with higher protein content and overall nutritional value. To achieve different value streams from milk, for example whey proteins, milk is fractionated. This protein can then be added a variety of dairy products and infant formula to improve the nutritional value. Ceramic membranes have been the primary technology used for this application because they deliver very efficient separation of casein and whey proteins. Now processors have a new option for this process - polymeric hollow fiber modules. They deliver comparable separation efficiency, but with the potential for reduced module costs per liter of milk processed. An additional advantage is that the hollow fiber membrane modules operate at lower temperatures compared to ceramic membranes. This delivers a further cost reduction potential because there is no longer the need to heat the milk to process temperature that ceramic membranes require. Pentair is currently installing the first industrial scale filtration system for casein / whey fractionation using polymeric hollow fiber modules. This presentation will show first results of this application.