Tim Doelman
Chief Operating Officer
fairlife, LLC

In 1999 Mr. Doelman, co-founded the Good Cow Company, a start-up company which laid the technical and manufacturing foundation for what is now fairlife. Select Milk Producers, a US milk cooperative, was the main investor in the entity.

In 2010, Tim became the CEO of Athletes HoneyMilk, Inc., the marketing arm of Select Milk and Good Cow, to launch the protein RTD drink what is now known as Core Power.

In 2012, Select Milk and Coca-Cola rolled the Good Cow Company and Athletes HoneyMilk into the joint venture called fairlife. Today, Mr. Doelman is the Chief Operating Officer of fairlife, llc. Tim leads all operations and product development in their mission of bringing better nutrition to the world.

End User Perspective: How Fairlife Created a Proprietary Ultrafiltration Process that Boosts the Natural Protein and Calcium Found in Milk and Reduces its Natural Sugars

The story of fairlife starts with the idea that milk is one of nature's most perfect foods. It supports life at birth. It grows strong muscles and bones. It sustains healthy bodies. Milk has been reshaped into thousands of drinks, cultured products, cheeses, desserts, and the best fat by far, butter. We will discuss how the company got started, our journey, our offerings, and some of our thoughts towards the future.